Weekend Writing Inspiration

from joanne card


Time Management 

I have ‘the Twitter’ I have ‘the Blog’ I have ‘the Facebook’ I joined a ‘Hop’ I joined ‘writers groups’ I made a ‘FB page’ I ‘follow’ people I ‘like’ their pages I ‘open’ links I ‘learn’ to write I ‘learn’ to edit I need to keep up ‘But when do I write?’   Anyone… Continue reading Time Management 

Do I need a New Years Resolution? 

      At the beginning of October I started a drawing challenge.  While I rarely use ink in my art I followed the prompts on Instagram for an ‘Inktober’ site and I drew daily. Mostly pencil, the odd time some color was added and I drew from prompts such as ‘noisy’, ‘rock’, and ‘squeeze’.… Continue reading Do I need a New Years Resolution?