Do I need a New Years Resolution? 

      At the beginning of October I started a drawing challenge.  While I rarely use ink in my art I followed the prompts on Instagram for an ‘Inktober’ site and I drew daily. Mostly pencil, the odd time some color was added and I drew from prompts such as ‘noisy’, ‘rock’, and ‘squeeze’.… Continue reading Do I need a New Years Resolution? 

writing through distraction

Saturday was the first day  I felt that I had accomplished nothing with my writing.  I did sit down and organize some thoughts, there were a few untitled index cards on scrivener with ideas added, some moved around but no real writing occurred. It was the first time I hadn’t  ‘really’  written since I started NaNoWriMo on November… Continue reading writing through distraction

Laptop vs app

Maybe it’s just me being new to this, but trying to figure out if I’m following back my new overnight followers on the app is frustrating..  will be on laptop soon.  p.s. I’m in Pacific time and I am not an early bird 😊