Time Management 

I have ‘the Twitter’

I have ‘the Blog’

I have ‘the Facebook’

I joined a ‘Hop’

I joined ‘writers groups’

I made a ‘FB page’

I ‘follow’ people

I ‘like’ their pages

I ‘open’ links

I ‘learn’ to write

I ‘learn’ to edit

I need to keep up

‘But when do I write?’

Anyone else spending less time writing and more time managing their ‘writers social platform’?


12 thoughts on “Time Management 

  1. I’ve got all those things but rarely read what others put….my time is limited so I tend to focus on my own writing and editing….feel bad because there are great indie stories out there that I would love but cannot consume due to time!

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  2. Writing has to be the priority, for sure. But, sometimes other things are more pressing. I am torn right now between spending the bulk of my time writing or in political activism. Platform building has taken a back seat for now. Platform maintenance will have to do.

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  3. It takes time to set up your author platform, but once it is up you only need to spend a few minutes here and a few there to keep it running. I’ve found that setting a timer, using scheduled tweets and not giving into the temptation of reading everything that crosses my path really helps. Don’t give up. But be ruthless about your writing time – it’s what it’s all about, after all. Happy writing 🙂

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  4. I agree. Social media upkeep can be far too time consuming. I agree with miladyronel’s comment above, once you get it set up and have a good group of followers and people that you follow, the time spent on social media can taper off. As you post and share, your following will slowly grow. (I stopped ‘the hop’ a few weeks ago, and new followers are still trickling in.)

    I like to limit my blog posts because they’re the most time consuming. I check Twitter and Facebook daily, but I don’t spend too much time reading through everything. Some days I share things, some days I don’t.
    I also like the comment about setting a timer. That’s a great idea!

    Writing always takes priority now.

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  5. Nice to see all the comments and encouragement. A timer sounds like a great idea. I have a habit of getting the social media looked at before I write, to clear my brain. But I keep the windows open, minimized, so it’s too easy to check Twitter/Facebook the minute I pause.

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  6. I have a schedule, or rather an approach. Writing is always my first priority. Then it’s my blog and trying to be a social blogger. Sometimes I take a bit of a break there, but as I’m building everything from my blog, it’s my second priority. Then Twitter, the FB. I usually do a “round” of each before writing and after writing. I increase a bit here and there, usually when there’s a draft with alphas, betas, or editors.

    So if I get home with a lot of time, I usually get through a few rounds, but my writing 1,000 words comes first.
    I hope that helps.

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  7. I was definitely guilty of getting sidetracked last year. This year I’m trying a little more self-discipline, lol. I like to write first and then look at the social media platforms (like a little reward😇). The timer sounds like a great idea too.

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