Identity Crisis

3 months into setting up my social media presence (Twitter, this blog) I finally made my way to Facebook.

Only now, joining Facebook and creating a page, do I realize there already is an Author Cindy Muir.

I’ve always wanted my name on a book, on someone’s bookshelf.  I want to use my birth name, the one given to me by my now deceased parents.

I don’t want to use an alias. I know, I know, I should have done my homework better.  I assumed if there wasn’t a ‘Cindy Muir’ author on Twitter and this site that I was the only one.

Now I’m spending valuable writing time (backtracking, changing names), with this distraction. I am nowhere near publishing so I think why am I stressing about this now?  But so many sites I follow tell me this is the time to create and nurture my social media presence.  I can’t imagine being ready to publish and having to go through these changes.

My aim is to keep the same profile picture for all my ‘Author’ sites, but if you see C.M. Muir- that is me – hopefully as close to an alias that I have to go.

Yours Truly: the Author formally known as Cindy Muir : )


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