Do I need a New Years Resolution? 




resolutionsAt the beginning of October I started a drawing challenge.  While I rarely use ink in my art I followed the prompts on Instagram for an ‘Inktober’ site and I drew daily.

Mostly pencil, the odd time some color was added and I drew from prompts such as ‘noisy’, ‘rock’, and ‘squeeze’.  After a week I thought ‘I wonder if there are any online writing challenges like this?’

I decided if nothing else I would follow the same prompts but in writing.  Before October came to a close I saw the NaNo hashtag showing up on my Twitter feed.  Vaguely recalling seeing something from the year before, this time I searched the tag. While maybe not  what I thought I had been looking for, I did find exactly what I needed.

In previous posts I wrote of my wanting to be a writer since a young age, the loss of confidence. In this hashtag I found others like me, so many others just like me. Many others who also were willing to share their advice. These people inspired me and gave me the determination to sign up for the challenge.

‘It’s only a draft. Don’t think, don’t edit, just write.’

Why hadn’t anyone told me this before?  So I wrote, and wrote, winning NaNoWriMo.  I continued to write every day in December.

With a couple of hours left in 2016 I realized I hadn’t even thought of a New Years Resolution.  Once  Christmas has ended I usually commit to, at the very least, ‘eating healthier’, ‘exercising more’.   This year the word ‘Resolution’ hadn’t even entered my brain.

And then it dawned on me. Perhaps it was the months of commitment to my passions,  both drawing and writing.  There were day’s of feeling guilty if I had a late start, but I drew or wrote.  I fought  through some days where I didn’t feel inspiration,  but still managed to plunk out words on my laptop. I did it.

So this year ‘Who Needs a Resolution?’

I don’t, after all I met my October art challenge, I surpassed my November expectations. I even impressed others when I continued steadily on in December.

And besides all resolutions do is make you feel guilty when you break them. Did I tell you about my last years resolution to read more?  Well I failed badly at my 2016 ‘Goodreads Challenge’.  Now each time I look at my stack of books all I do is feel guilty.

I need to get back to my writing.  I just  need to move my books out of view.

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One thought on “Do I need a New Years Resolution? 

  1. I’ll never begrudge anyone setting “resolutions,” but I’m a goal orientate guy to begin with. Everything can be measured and improved upon. Puts a bit of perhaps unnecessary pressure eon a guy, but works. What matters is the commitment to what you’re trying to do. No one is stopping anyone from setting goals on any other day of the year, but this one feels more special to some, so it’s understandable. I’m just happy you’re setting and surpassing your goals.

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