I feel as though NaNoWriMo was my practice, my rehearsal process.  I had wanted to write since I was 6 years old. 

I remember seeing  books on my parents shelf and thinking ‘wouldn’t it be amazing to have your name on a book on some strangers bookshelf years after you’ve died.’ 

I had good marks for school short stories and even was pulled aside by a teacher one day. Middle school, three of us were asked if we’d be part of a book she wanted to get published. Of course we said yes to what was to be short stories written by some students. But nothing came of it.  

An awkward teen I lost my confidence.  Each time I came back to writing I lost my confidence. 

 Years of thoughts, bits and pieces scribbled in notebooks, onto scraps of paper but no paragraphs.  

NaNoWriMo was the push I’d needed to sit, get a work ethic. I only found out about it a few days before it started and had no plan, no outline, but I sat and wrote. 

During November I managed to write well over the 50,000 words. But at the end I felt I had no plot, perhaps I had a few short stories with all my disconnected days writings. 

Hearing advice to ‘leave your novel’ for editing until January, to distance yourself from your words to come back fresh I thought ‘Well,  I have no end to my novel anyway I need to keep writing.’

December 1st I started with an idea. My November ideas would last a days worth, sometimes two but then my brain that was so full of unwritten thoughts would jump to something new. But my idea, a theme if not a plot has continued everyday.  Now December 24 I actually have a chunk of what could be a novel. 

The best advice I’ve read is to remember ‘to just write, it is only a first draft, it will only get better.’ 

So when January hits and I start to edit I hope I can focus and do the work needed to make my words more publishable. 

But if nothing else, if I just keep writing first drafts for the rest of my life, well that’s okay too.  

I Am Writing! 


2 thoughts on “Rehearsal

  1. You have exactly the right idea Cindy. Do whatever you want. Just write. Whatever comes of it will come of it, but that’s always the first step. Editing, revising, proofreading, publishing, and marketing are all different things. You’ll need them if you want to one day, but before you can do any of that, you have to write. Keep getting ideas. Let those ideas motivate you to write. By the halfway point of any book I’m writing, I’m more motivated to finish it because I want to get to that next project I want to write. Give each product the time it deserves, but write. Glad to see what you’re doing. Keep it up and keep blogging about it. We’re all rooting for you.

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