writing through distraction

Saturday was the first day  I felt that I had accomplished nothing with my writing.  I did sit down and organize some thoughts, there were a few untitled index cards on scrivener with ideas added, some moved around but no real writing occurred.

It was the first time I hadn’t  ‘really’  written since I started NaNoWriMo on November 1st.  I felt guilty even though I have no deadlines. This did prove to me that NaNo did what I’d hoped it would do, give me a good writing work ethic.  So what was it that took me away from my writing?  Social Media of course. I decided that very morning that it would be a good day to start a blog.

Joining the NanoHop I only entered a twitter account. I have Instagram but that is for photos, I have Facebook but that is for extended family guilt trips.  I knew that if I started a blog this was the time to do so, getting the benefits of the Nanohop.

Thing is, I’m not even sure what I am supposed to do in a blog. (I actually just googled ‘blog wikipedia’  XD ).   I keep thinking  ‘Keep it short and sweet’,  but isn’t that what twitter is for?

It is very nice to meet everyone, I’ll try to read all your blogs.

I may not post often (writing is my priority)

But when I do I’ll try not to bore you : )







3 thoughts on “writing through distraction

  1. You can honestly write anything you want in a blog, as long as you write things you like. If you really have no idea what to post yet, you can write short stories (it can help you relax and release the stress accumulated while working on your main book) or you can post your own writing tips (not only it helps those around you but it also helps yourself [you learn better by teaching]). You could even create a category where you can write a fictional/real diary based on events you witness around you.

    But overall, just keep it as YOUR blog and let your creativity do the rest 🙂

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